Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Guns Shot Animated




Already crossed 400k downloads and 5000+ ratings with an average of 3.9* stars.

Each gun has its own Sound and category based shots animation. 
27 Guns in total. 
Select from the list of 7 Pistols, 4 Shotguns, 5 Sub machine gun's, 5 Assault Rifles, 4 Sniper Rifles and 2 Machine Gun. 
These category of weapons have their own specialized animated Shot. 
In this App, a gun will shoot when you click on it or shake the phone.
Guns which are Automatic, Semi- Auto are also available. Most of the Handgun are single shot.

Start shooting Guns by the following list:-
Pistol-Glock 18, P250, Five Seven, Desert Eagle, Dual Berrettas, P2000,Tec 9(semi-auto)
Shotgun-Nova, XM1014, Mag 7, Sawed Off
SMG(sub machine Gun )- MP7, PP bizon, P90, MP9, Mac 10
Assault Rifles- FAMAS, AUG ( Bullpup), M4A4, Galil AR, AK 47, SG553
Sniper Rifles- SG 553, AWP, SSG 08, SCAR 20, G3 SG/1
Machine Gun- M249, Negev.
This App offers the best animation of shots in this category. It supports both Smartphones and Tablets. 
* - Ratings are out of 5.0 on the Google Play Store.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Spiders Shooting Web


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Click here for Free download :-"Spiders Shooting Webis fun game which shoots web from top of Android.
The spiders inside the app shoot web on Touch.
|| 3 Spiders which shoot web one-at-a-time
|| Real web shooting sound effects
|| Funny spiders
|| Two backs for different environment
|| Web goes from the top of phone.
When in a get-together, we need a game to ping our friends.This can be a lot useful there. Like throwing Web to
and If another person got the same app, he can as well throw back web.
Kids love such stuff.
Though this app is not in anyway related to Spiderman or Marvel entertainment. Its a standalone app. No Copyrighted material has been used from Marvel Entertainment.
This app is just for fun and some laugh. Thatswhy the spiders used are cartoon.
I hope you like the effort. It took some time to create so please have fun.
>>>> PLease give good ratings <<<<
Also keep this app in your phone as we will be providing cool Updates soon.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fresh Air Fan

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Feeling the need of fresh air, dont worry. Fresh Air Fan app gives you fresh air like it is of the morning dawn or Hilly areas.
- Three different Fans
- Two Hand picked environments
- Real like Animation
- Real Sounds
- Change Fans while rotating as well.
The advantages of this app are-
- No lag in sound. It will be like a real fan is working.
- Real Animations.
- Much Customization
Future Suggestions
- Change speed of fan
and other you can request.
Note:- This app is just for fun and will not blow fresh air from the phone. It can be used sometimes for feeling like home or someplace very airy and fresh. It will only give real sounds and Animation of Fan, nothing more than that. Or for someone who is not able to catch sleep.
It took a long time to pick the environment as they would create a good feeling air around you.
I hope you like this app, please give it a 5 stars ratings.

Any Suggestions, Feature request, kindly mail me.